Nick (learath) wrote,

I'd really like to know if the average person has one or two cases of cognitive dissonance in trusting politicians. I'm nearly sure they hilariously overestimate the honesty and underestimate criminal nature of their own party, which is unsurprising. What I am less sure of is the reverse, it is much harder to tell if they are able to get a more reasonable view of the criminal nature and honesty of the other side. The problem is, they get the answer generally right, the other side is a bunch of dishonest criminals. It's really hard to tell if they get it right because, duh, they are right, or because of inherent biases. The overall corruption rate seems fairly evenly split, both sides are rotten to the core, which makes things a bit easier. Anyone want to give me a few hundred k to hire a few researchers from both sides, and try and find out?

ETA: On a lighter note, Best Resignation Ever.

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