Nick (learath) wrote,

Two Stupid Surveys In One!

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
"Nominal data are categorical data where there is no inherent order to the categories."

absolutfailure - a club? something else?
anarcha - Catacomb
anizee - Tracks
asurasunil - a club somewhere
cheshirrrecat - Party at cosmo's place. Wonder what it was for
chryst - McLean High, Ahh what memories... excuse me, I need to worship the porcelain god
darkemuse - Roxy Res
darthmoo - Cue probably
dethblud - McLean High
djkangal - Roxy Res
djpaulen - Club somewhere?
dulcevox - Generous Georges
ebullientjenn - DHHS, Humphrey Building
faeriemage - Alchemy? Party somewhere?
gleeptoid7 - Tracks
glockgirl - Hey, have I not already done this one?
god_of_biscuts - you know, I really should remember this. Catacomb possibly?
gothiccripple - Catacomb IIRC
irishwerewolf - Tracks
jennytheonly - Roxy Res
kailika - Tracks probably
kirth - I don't think we have actually met in person...
kittenkatt - Crawlspace party? Tracks?
melanierose - Schmoo's house?
meredithsg - Not a clue
misgeach - Catacomb?
morbiddk - Catacomb?
morlith - Good question?
o2banarchy - hrm.. party somewhere?
pippilongstokin - Party at the crawlspace, long ago
revfish - Catacomb? Roxy Res? Elsewhere?
rinesin - McLean High
saltekoff - Tracks probably, possibly a party or the MH
schmooblet - Her house, long ago, in Hell (tm), VA
shadowbody - No clue
shorty36 - Catacomb?
shryke - Mountainhouse probably
skreidle - Cue
sparklypoof - Cue?
torena - Hrm. No clue.
troublesome1 - Cue?
vectorvillain - Tracks (happy mr-bitchy-pants neil?)
vespizzari - Cue
wenvmp - Catacomb
xkyx - Not a clue.

Hrm, wonder how badly I fucked the formating?

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