Nick (learath) wrote,

Abortion?: A bad solution. It's often required, but most of it could be solved with proper use of BC. Better than the alternatives though.
Death Penalty?: Burn em.
Prostitution?: Regulate and ignore. If you can't ignore it see Suicide.
Alcohol?: See Suicide.
Marijuana?: See Suicide (to a lesser extent).
Other drugs?: See Suicide (depending on the drug in question).
Gay marriage?: I'm not quite clear on the problem with this. I understand some idiots are against it, but I'm really not clear on their reasoning.
Illegal immigrants?: I'm not sure. There is a limit to how many folks can fit in one country, even one as big as the US. We can't just accept everyone, but on the other hand diversity has always been a strength.
Smoking?: See Suicide.
Drunk driving?: See Suicide.
Cloning?: Everyone fears progress to some extent, and sometimes it is bad, but you can't tell beforehand.
Racism?: See Stupidity.
Premarital sex?: Lots. (Yet another question I'm not quite clear on the argument against. Who married Adam & Eve for you religions freaks?)
Religion?: If you want it have fun, just keep your "laws" the fuck away from me.
The war in Iraq?: We're kinda fucked here. We leave and a bloody war breaks out between factions, we stay and.. erm... a bloody war breaks out between the factions and us.
Bush?: I don't think he's as stupid as he appears.. he can't be. The whole War of Southern Aggression (the "war on terror") is a really Fucking Stupid Idea (tm).
Downloading music?: The RIAA needs to work with and for it's customers, not litigate against them.
The legal drinking age?: Do not give orders you know will be ignored. This applies to laws.
Porn?: See "legal drinking age".
Suicide?: Yet another bad solution. What are you going to do though, bring them back to life?
Stupidity?: See Death Penalty.

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