Nick (learath) wrote,

So, I've been thinking about batteries and their devices, and I've come up with the embers of a proposal:

All devices with rechargeable batteries must use a standardized battery, off a list of 10 (roughly) specifications, and must interoperable. Any device that does not use a interoperable standardized battery must include a 10$ surcharge, and mention the surcharge and reason in all packaging/marketing material.

There is no reason my phone battery (1380mah, 3.7v lion) and my camera battery (1100mah, 3.7v lion), have completely different connectors, despite being within 2mm of each other in every dimension. There is no reason that I can't use a Makita 18v lion battery in my Milwaukee 18v lion drill, nor my neighbor's DeWalt 18v lion nailer. There is no reason that I have to buy a new bluetooth headset, just because I've burned the battery out, again. I've been trying to come up with something useful to do with the millions of dollars that fee will bring in, from apple if nowhere else, and the best I've come up with is spending it to hire professional wrestlers to beat up the CEOs of corporations that refuse to use standard batteries.


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