August 14th, 2009


Shitty shitty week

Hopefully it'll get better now. Just booked Schmoo's flight for turkey day.
This week started out ok, then rapidly headed down the crapper. Wednesday I realized that my fridge was Dead-dead-Dead Jim. I called around, and the earliest deliver I can arrange is not until next Wednesday, so I'm short a fridge for just over a week. Awesome, 1000$ later I've got a fridge (the only reputable model that'll fit in my fridge-hole) inbound for Wednesday.

I go in to work Thursday morning pretty grumpy from dead-fridge-syndrome boot up my laptop, and entirely forget the RHEL5 DVD in the drive. Sadly, RHEL5 did not forget me. Half an hour later when I get back to my laptop it's freshly imaged with a RHEL5 custom server install. So I head home, as I'm worthless without connectivity. After I get home I spend a while talking to folks, and finally get them to ship me out a freshly imaged drive, which will arrive Saturday. Argh.

I decide that I should get *something* done Thursday, I go to get an oil change. Guy says "hey, your transmission lube didn't get changed, 90$". Not a huge deal, but really, did that help? So I get my car back, and stop by Wendys for food, as my fridge is dead. I pop open my change holder, and find out that most of the quarters (20$+ worth) are missing. Awesome?