Nick (learath) wrote,


I don't know why, but my tolerance for stupid is right about 0 right now. I just got back from an awesome vacation, and I'm already foaming at the mouth whenever I see an idiot.

On a very related note there is half of a story here at The Telegraph. The other half of the story is what catches my eye though. Steyr-Mannlicher went through all the paperwork to sell to Iran, then asked the US if they would object (they are not required to). The US said "We object, don't sell them to Iran." Steyr-Mannlicher said "Ok, let us sell them to the citizens of the US who are allowed to purchase them.". The US said "No, fuck off and take a loss on them, melt them down.". Steyr-Mannlicher, being a business, of course said "Fuck no, we'll sell them as we are allowed to.". Something to think on, the US effectively supplying Iran (and now Iraq it appears).

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