Nick (learath) wrote,

Snagged from: Several folks

Gadget survey!

5 simple questions about gadgets.

1. Which gadgets do you carry with you daily?

4G nano, blackberry T105, bluetooth headset.

2. What is on your gadget wish list? Which gadget of yours is next in line for an upgrade?

Next device I plan on getting is a new blackberry w/ GPS.

3. Would you like to carry less gadgets or more? In other words, would you like one multipurpose device, or lots of single purpose devices?
I'd like
1. general CPU, 600mhz+, decent ram
2. a storage device, 10G or larger
3. Audio device (both ways, stereo if possible)
4. Video device (none around that I'm really happy with yet)
5. Input device (again, none I'm really happy with yet, the laser bluetooth keyboard is the closest)
6. a RF device (At this point, between bluetooth, 802.11, GPRS multiband and GPS I'm starting to think the best way to do it is a general radio, software controlled)
and network em all together probably with bluetooth at the moment, though for the video and storage you might need something faster.

4. The inevitable iPhone question! If somebody offered you an all expenses paid iPhone, would you take it? Would it replace your existing gadgets?
500$ free? SURE! Not sure what I'd end up doing with it.

5. Do you keep up with gadget news? Do you read gadget blogs like Gizmodo or Engadget?
I follow Engadget as well as a few other sites, though not really for the gadgets.

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