Nick (learath) wrote,

Random post about books

I've been reading A Random Walk Down Wallstreet, which reminds me in a way of Collapse. The author seems to like repeating points 5 or more times, say
Bob walked down the street.
I saw Bob walk down the street.
There is a street upon which Bob walked.
The street on which we stand has been walked by Bob.

Ok, it's not quite that bad, but it irritates me. It's covered some interesting investment crazes (the Holland Tulip mess, along with several more recent bubbles), and has some very good advice, but really needs to ditch some dead weight.

On the fiction side I'm really digging the Sony ebook reader for plane flights. On a cross country flight I go through about two novels each way, and that chews up one to two (of four) bars of the battery. It also means I don't have to pack a paperback (or two or three) on the way back. I ran through Redliners, The Tank Lords, most of Ghost and a fourth book I don't remember at the moment (all rereads, which get kind of muddled in my head). Redliners is very very rough military fiction, as is The Tank Lords. Ghost is also milfic, though of a slightly different nature. Think something along the lines of James Bond crossed with segments of The Story of O and bits and pieces of The Daily Show. It also won some Romance award (which will hopefully teach Romance associations not to meddle in the affairs of geeks) much to the amusement of the author.

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